Changing Lives -- One body at a time

It's about you, your performance and fitness. Pure and simple.


1. Personalized program design to meet YOUR fitness goals. 


2. Private training facility so there are no other distractions.


3. Proper form and technique so you always know if you are correctly doing and feeling the proper muscle.


4. Injury prevention and design for people with existing injuries.


5. Sport-Specific Training - Are you or do you have a student-athlete who wants to excel in their sport? I will train you to develop strength, endurance, speed and agility for your sport.


6. Relationship building and a positive experience - some of my favorite times is training my clients during the week. I enjoy people, and helping them to achieve their goals is very rewarding.

7. Getting results is what our goal is and I will help you get those results. There is not a more prouder moment to share than helping you succeed. 




So let's take that step. Your first session is FREE!!! 


Make your appointment today with Carless Queen at 702-683-8647. Change your life not just for today....but for tomorrow.


How long have you been putting off your training even while wanting to get your running shoes back on? You are not the only one. At the end of a hard day’s work, you simply do not have the energy for exercise. What and when you eat are just as important as what you do in the gym. This is where nutrition comes in, to motivate you and power your body.

Fitness & Sports Training 

One-on-One: Designed for specifically for you to meet and exceed your weight loss, sport or fitness goals.


Small Group: Mini-bootcamp style to help you and a friend train and still meet your fitness goals.


Team: Functional sports training using Periodization principles.


Bootcamps: Saturday morning sessions with 4-12 like-minded, sweat-induced individuals.

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